With almost four decades of distinction in the textile sector, Zeenat Textile has come a long way. Launched in 1980, the early days saw Zeenat Textile equipped with roller printing technology. Due to a strong emphasis on quality control, the printed cloth produced under the banner of Zeenat was met with unprecedented success and left a great impact on the market. Within a span of ten years, the company was able to employ the more sophisticated technology of rotary printing.

Over time, it has set standards of excellence for others to follow and remains committed to its philosophy of producing superior fabric while adhering to stringent quality measures. Today, Zeenat Textile has an extensive manufacturing network, with its own spinning, weaving, printing and embroidery units. Zeenat Textile the group’s processing and printing division, owns two flat-bed and two rotary printing machines. It is this complete control over every aspect of manufacturing that gives our products an edge and enhances quality.

Zeenat Textile has experienced mega growth in the past few years. We owe it to the high degree of professionalism and Dedication that our management team has brought to the company. Our devotion does extend not only to our customers but also to our employees.